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Our Board of Directors

  • Dennis McEntire

  • Todd Scarbrough

  • Joni Scarbrough

  • Hannah Scarbrough

  • Brenda Harper

  • Brent Scarbrough

  • Alison Kelleher

  • Gina Weathersby

  • Tamara Ledford

 The Hunter Scarbrough Leadership Scholarship will endow a Newnan High School, Northgate High School and East Coweta High School senior with a one-time donation to be used towards college expenses. For 2024, we will give away multiple $3,500 scholarships to each school.

Aside from the academic requirements, the student chosen must display the characteristics and values that Hunter not only possessed, but valued and nurtured in others: Faith, leadership, academic perseverance and community service. 


No application form is necessary. Please provide the following information to your school counselor by Friday, March 22, 2024


Criteria for the Hunter Scarbrough Leadership Scholarship include:

  1. Be in good academic standing, with an overall average of 85 on a scale of 100

  2. Participation in at least one extracurricular activity

  3. Participation in faith-based youth program (for example, Church youth group, FCA)

  4. Three reference letters – 1 must be from a High School Counselor, 1 must be from a FCA Leader or Leader in your faith-based youth program, and 1 from someone who can speak to the studentʼs leadership qualities

  5. An essay (not to exceed 1 page in length) in which the applicant speaks on a situation in which he/she has taken a leadership role

  6. Copy of his/her transcript.


The scholarship will be awarded once the student has been accepted to college and enrollment has been confirmed. All applications must be turned in by March 22.


For more information, please contact

Download Scholarship Requirements

Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Awards 2023 Scholarships
Recipients were awarded $3,500 each


Jewel Casey

Nolen Huey

Abby McDowell

Grace Opsal

Caroline Rogers


Megan Crawford

Cora Sims

Hannah Smith

Amy Tran

Scott Zachary


Luke Client

Preston Davis

Lydia Grace Harrell

Beomseok Kang

Shallyn Olszowy

Previous Scholarship Recipients:


Shelby Kate Carnes, Lucas Morrison, Caroline Sibley, Tripp Slaton, Joshua Ward - Newnan High School
Shelby Harlan, Demetria Parham, Ryan Poole, Bryson Swartz - Northgate High School
Kaleigh Dunn, Hannah Kunkle, Yahiron Pena, Emma Small - East Coweta High School


Bo Batten, Julius Beavers, Gabe Bowles, Natalie Brauchler, Braedyn Helms, Robyn Long, Will Lovett, Reagan London,

Leah McCall, Turner Scarborough, Ava Shoemake, Willis Tripp, Abby Williams, Alex Williams - Newnan High School

Ryan Ledford, Avery Longmeyer, Jordyn Patterson, Will Stephens - Northgate High School

Aamaria Bennett, Abigail Tew, Ryan Barber, Colby Love - East Coweta High School


Elizabeth Woodham and Logan Hudson - Newnan High School

Ian Meeks and Olivia Sims - Northgate High School

Garrett Render and Kylee McNutt - East Coweta High School



Garrison Morgan and Addie Andrews - Newnan High School

Robyn Clarke and Kyle McLaren - Northgate High School

MaKayla Graham and Jakin Buckalew - East Coweta High School


Bennett Rowan - Newnan High School

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